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Sebastian Cort is an award-winning cinematographer. He specialises in shooting authentically driven commercials often with non-actors, feature length documentaries, narrative film and TV drama. His first feature film ‘Sons of the Sea’, shot in Cape Town, is currently on the festival circuit and WON ‘Best South African Film’ at the Durban International Film Festival, and is being shown at Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC. 


Sebastian feels closest to stories that question a sense of belonging, provide windows into the human psyche and inspire us all to grow as humans. His personal approach to cinematography is to tap deep into the sensitivities of the subjects in front of the lens, cultivating a space for them to deliver their best performances. He is constantly aware of the eye of the observer - making him and the cameras an intimate conduit for an audience. 


Graduating in 2014 from the world renowned National Film & Television School in the UK, Sebastian has been mentored by leading cinematographers: Phil Méheux (Casino Royal, Golden Eye, The Mask of Zorro), Brian Tufano (Trainspotting, Billy Elliot, A Life Less Ordinary), Sean Bobbitt (12 Years a Slave, Shame, Hunger), Annemarie Lean-Vercoe ( Honeytrap, Kat and the Band, Us Among the Stones). He in turn takes great care in mentoring others himself and an advocate for diversity and always striving to have a well-rounded crew.


Growing up in France to English parents, Sebastian's lived in London, Spain, Germany, South Africa and has traveled the world a couple of times over. Now living between New Zealand, Europe and the States Sebastian integrates his passion for different cultures with his global experience, contributing to universal stories being told around the world. 




'WINNER' Best South African Film at Durban Internationa Film Festival 2021

Official Festival Selection:

Urbanworld Film Festival 2021

Cinequest Fiilm Festival 2021

Durban Internationa Film Festival 2021


Official Selection:

Sheffield Doc Fest 2020

WOMEX Music Expo 2020

Durango International Film Festival 2021

Phoenix Shorts 2021

Directors Notes 2021

Beyond The Short 2021

Booooooom TV 2021

Film Shortage 2021  

Wasted Talent Magazine 2021

Athen International Film + Video Festival 2021




Winner: Green Planet Award, First Prize, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Winner: Best Screenplay Prize at Poitiers Film Festival    

Nominee: Best British Short, London Critics' Circle Film Awards

Nominee: Best Student Documentary, IDA Awards


Official Festival Selections:

Visions du Reel, Switzerland, April 2019

Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK, June 2019

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic, July 2019 

DMZ Docs, South Korea, Sep 2019 
Poitiers Film Festival, France, Dec 2019

London Short Film Festival, Jan 2020

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, July 2020

Sundance Film Festival London, Aug 2020

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, Aug 2020





Creativepool Silver Award for Best Production



Official Festival Selections:

 Film Festival Lille - Nominated for best short documentary

Internazionale Cinema d'Art - Nominated for best short documentary

Kaohsi Film Festival International Film Competition - Semi finalist for best short documentary






British Universities Film & Video Council Awards

* Premier Award

Royal Television Society Awards

* Best Postgraduate Drama

* Nomination for Best Postgraduate Craft Skills Editing


Aesthetica Short Film Festival

* Best Comedy

Molodist _ Kyiv International Film Festival

* Audience Award

* Special Award of the Jury

Aspen Shortsfest

* Audience Award

Gold Coast International Film Festival

* Runner up Audience Award for Best Short Film 


Portland International Film Festival

* Runner up Audience Award for Best Short Film

Cleveland International Film Festival

* Honorable Mention for Best Student Short Film

* Honorable Mention Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film

Cinefiesta Italia in Santa Fe

* Best Up-and-Coming Director

Genova Film Festival

* Critics Award (National Union of Critics)

Visioni Italiane

* Best Film 

* "Kinodromo" Award for Best Performances

Roma Creative Contest

* Best Italian Film

* Best Sound

Metricamente Corto Film Festival

* Audience Award

* Best Adapted Screenplay

Corto Dorico

* Audience Award


Roma Independent Film Festival

* Special Mention for Best Student Short Film


Euganea Film Festival

* "Giovani Monselice" Award


Taranto In Short

* Best Comedy


Social Plus Festival

* Best Short Film


Roma CinemaDoc

* Special Mention Scenography


Visioni Corte Film Festival

* Audience Award


Calgary International Film Festival

* Nomination for Best Short Film


Woodstock Film Festival

* Nomination for Best Short Film

Official selection:

Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2014

Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2014

Sapporo Short Film Festival and Market 2014

Heartland FIlm Festival 2014

Austin Film Festival 2014

Gold Coast International Film Festival 2014

Interfilm _ International Short Film Festival Berlin 2014

Foyle Film Festival 2014

Prague Short Film Festival 2015 (Open Ceremony)

Cork Film Festival 2014 (Post Primary Program)

Visioni Italiane 2015

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015

Mecal _ International Short Film Festival of Barcelona 2015

Athens International Film + Video Festival 2015

Aspen Shortsfest 2015

Breaking Ground 2015

Bibbiena Film Festival 2015

Los Angeles Comedy Festival 2015

Festival Europeo PerCorti di Vita 2015

Reel Shorts Film Festival 2015

RIFF _ Roma Independent Film Festival 2015

Palm Springs International ShortFest 2015

Festival International de Contis 2015

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Maremetraggio _ International ShorTS Film Festival 2015

Euganea Film Festival 2015

Flickers _ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2015

Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2015

Postira Seaside Film Festival 2015

Festival This Is England 2015

Genova Film Festival 2015

Taranto In Shorts 2015

Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival 2015

Settima 2015

Woodstock Film Festival 2015

Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2015

Calgary International Film Festival 2015

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015

Roma Creative Contest 2015

Roma CinemaDoc 2015

Visioni Corte Film Festival 2015

Shorts Attack 2015

Reggio Film Festival 2015

Kerry Film Festival 2015

Se77ima 2015

Mecal Chile _ Latin American Int'l Film Festival of Santiago de Chile 2015

Cinema Italian Style Los Angeles 2015

Molodist _ Kyiv International Film Festival 2015

Corto Dorico 2015

St Cloud Film Festival 2015

Zagreb Film Festival 2015

Boulder International Film Festival 2016

Cleveland International Film Festival 2016

uFilmFest 2016

Kinofilm _ Manchester International Short Film and Animation Festival 2016

Claremont Film Festival 2016

Metricamente Corto Film Festival 2016

Coronado Island Film Festival 2016

Portland International Film Festival 2016

Funcinema _ International Comedy Film Festival 2016

Skepto International Film Festival 2016

Funcinema _ International Comedy Film Festival 2016

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Institute _ Award Winning Shorts 2016

Cinefiesta Italia in Santa Fe 2016

Festival di Albano Laziale 2016

Stark County International Short Film Series 2016

Social Plus Festival 2016